Week 3 of the 2014 Session

Week 3 of the 2014 Session

As you are aware, it snowed in Atlanta this week. Despite the early predictions, the timing and sudden shift in the weather created the “perfect storm” of snow, cars/trucks, school buses and bedlam. The legislature adjourned at noon on Tuesday and my journey home began. For the next 10 ½ hours, I spent time in my car — stressed, hungry and thirsty. I was not so much concerned about my ability to drive in the ice, as I was all the ‘crazies’ around me.  In addition to the report below, I have attached a flyer that summarizes Chemistry Day at the Capitol . . . Connecting the Dots.

Due to the short week, the legislature did not accomplish much. Hopefully they will be back on track next week and continue the race to sine die. Below are some of the pieces of legislation GCC has been tracking:

SB 333 Restoring Appeals Rights – Senator Ross Tolleson along with Senators Hardie Davis, Frank Ginn and Tim Golden introduced GCC legislation to restore appeal rights in regards to Hazardous Site Response Act (HSRA) listings on Tuesday Jan 28. Over the past five years, GCC has worked toward getting the red tape out of the remediation process. SB 333 continues our effort to create harmony between the three remediation programs.

HB 864 – Known as the Water Conservation Act of 2014, this bill seeks to regulate the use of surface water in Georgia. This bill would require monthly reports as to the total volume of surface water withdrawn from and returned to a particular water source by a government entity with proper permits. HB 864 was introduced on Tuesday Jan 28 and referred to the House Natural Resources & Environment Committee.

HB 848 – Introduced in the House on Monday Jan 27, HB 848 seeks to ban the use of manned or unmanned surveillance aircrafts within 100 feet of the surface over private property without a search warrant or prior permission from the property owner. This bill would make evidence obtained by any such aircraft inadmissible in court and is a clear response to the controversy over use of drones by the Obama Administration. HB 848 has been referred to the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee for further review.

HR 1158 – Legislation was filed introduced in the House on Tuesday Jan 28, which encourages the U.S. EPA to consult with the states when developing greenhouse gas emission guidelines under the Clean Air Act 111d.  The resolution encourages the EPA to consider all affordable and reliable energy sources, including all fossil fuels, and for EPA to develop a separate standard for permitting new coal fired power plants. HR 1158 has been referred to the House Interstate Cooperation Committee.

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