Week 4 of the 2014 Session

Week 4 of the 2014 Session

With the Snow Jam in the rearview mirror, the legislature returned to work again this week.  Strangely, though they did not meet during the state government shutdown, the legislative clock kept on ticking.  Two legislative days were burned during the closure.  Today, they completed day 19, which means they will be halfway after Monday.  The budget discussions are moving at a record pace, and general legislation is moving very slowly.  This is a good combination unless you are trying to get a bill passed.  GCC sponsored legislation to provide appeals of

listing decisions by GA EPD is now introduced and will be heard and discussed in committees next week. Please note HB 900 below.  We have been told that keeping records regarding sales taxes on consumable supplies verses items that are part of the manufacturing process are more trouble that it is worth.  As part of the Coalition for a Competitive Georgia (CCG), we are supporting getting this blank exemption.  It should reduce administrative costs and not cause the state to lose much revenue.

Dues notices were emailed last week, and a hard copy was mailed today to GCC member key contacts.  Prompt pay is always appreciated and needed.  Most all of our annual expenditures occur in the first three months of the year.

SB 333 – is GCC legislation that would provide an avenue for appeals for properties listed as hazardous sites under HSRA. This bill has been referred to the Senate Natural Resources Committee where it is being reviewed.

HB 904 – is the House version of SB 333, which was introduced on February 4 and has been referred to the House Natural Resources & Environment Committee. We are actively on this bill and SB 333 and keep you updated on its progress.

HR 1158 & HR 1159 – are an effort to encourage the EPA and the federal government to consult with state governments in establishing guidelines regarding carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric generating units. GCC supports these resolutions and any effort to give Georgia a voice in emissions regulations.

HB 741 – The sludge land application bill has passed through committee and will head back to the House floor likely next week. We will continue to monitor its progress though we do not anticipate it causing any undue burden on company owned water treatment facilities.

HB 900 – Introduced on February 4, HB 900 alters the current tax code to provide an exemption to manufacturers on ‘consumable supplies’. GCC supports this measure and will track its progress.

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