Week 7 of the 2014 Session

Week 7 of the 2014 Session

This week at the legislature was crazy. The activities that occurred would make the normal person go insane. Though you would be bored regarding the details, let’s say that it reminded me of playground conflicts – he said that so let’s not play with him or let’s go take his marbles. In the General Assembly, these “games” can cause good policies to be held hostage, or, consequently, bad policies to get legs.

Over the past three years, GCC has held at bay legislation that would provide a taxpayer subsidy for corporations to purchase natural gas trucks. The legislation, HB 348, would provide $15 to $20,000 per truck according to size. UPS, Waste Management and others are proponents of the measure. GCC is opposed to giving a taxpayer subsidy that encourages the switching to natural gas. Let the marketplace work! We encourage you to contact your legislator by email or phone call and let them know that you 1) oppose HB 348, 2) oppose state subsidies for natural gas trucks and 3) support the free market. You can find your area legislators and his/her contact informationhere. This bill will be voted on Monday, March 3 afternoon.

On a more positive note, GCC supported legislation is progressing. HB 904 that will establish an appeal right for HSRA sit listings passed the full House this week, and the companion senate bill, SB 333, should by approved by the Senate on Monday. HB 900, which would exempt “consumable supplies used by manufacturers” from sales tax, should be approved by the House of Representatives also on Monday. This bill might not save your company much in the way of taxes, but it should make sales tax compliance much cheaper.

Monday is the “crossover” deadline, so hopefully the next 10 legislative days will be less controversial. The targeted completion of the session is March 20th.

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