Week 8 of the 2014 Session

Week 8 of the 2014 Session

Special Note:  We have scheduled a breakfast meeting with Congressman John Barrow in Augusta, March 19 (location TBD). If you would like to attend or send someone to represent your facility, please RSVP to this email.  We will be discussing the proposed Chemical Safety Improvement Act that will be introduced in the US House of Representative in the near future. ACC is seeking Democratic cosponsors, and Rep. Barrow has been supportive of industry in the past.

We are excited to announce that SB 333 survived crossover day

Both of our bills to restore appeal rights under HSRA made it out of their chambers of origin before crossover day and have made significant progress. HB 904 passed the Senate Natural Resources and the Environment Committee on Thursday March 6 while SB 333 passed the House Natural Resources & Environment Committee on the same day. Both bills are equivalent, and, as we await the Rules Committee from each chamber to schedule our legislation for a floor vote, we will work to ensure that the version with the most momentum and traction will become law before the close of the legislative session.

In more good news, HB 900, which provides a tax exemption for “consumables” used in a manufacturing facility, passed out of the House on crossover day, and was introduced in the Senate the next day. It has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee, and we are hopeful that this legislation will be as well received in the Senate as it was in the House.

Unfortunately, HB 348 passed the House and was referred to the Senate Natural Resources and the Environment Committee on Tuesday March 4. Thank you to everyone who contacted your legislators to express your opposition to this attack on the free market. The first piece of good news, however, is that the House Ways and Means Committee amended the bill to lower the total value of the vehicle subsidy to $2.5 million a year (down from $10 million) and shortened the programs lifetime to two years from four. Secondly, we anticipate this legislation encountering some turbulence in the Senate committee, and we will continue to oppose this bill and keep you updated.

Finally, HB 549 is a bill that we have been monitoring quietly as the legislative session has progressed. This legislation will establish a more streamlined communication mechanism for reporting chemical spills in public water sources and will establish much needed protocols for dealing with water pollution scenarios. We believe that this will have positive impacts on public health and our environment, and we will work to support this legislation as it awaits consideration by the full Senate.

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